Safety Services – Instruction – Management

TRI-CONstruction Company, Inc. is your one stop shop for your Safety Services, Instruction and Management needs.

We are here to SERVE YOU!


We believe all accidents can be prevented by proper training, utilizing demonstrated safe behaviors, measuring continuous safety performance and having all employees intervene to correct unsafe situations in order to avoid injuries.

TRI-CON‘s long-term, experienced-safety oriented workforce, delivers full Safety Services in the following areas:  

  • Safety Director and Staff
  • Process Safety Management
  • Employment Drug Screening
  • Safety Training and Evaluation Process
  • Safety Activity Planning
  • Safety Reviews
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • OSHA and MSHA
  • Training and Seminars
  • Safety Incentive and Awards Programs

TRI-CON can also effectively manage your safety requirements and help your company fulfill your vendors or Bid requirements, freeing you to the tasks of running your business and making money.